Fancy That! – Life is Mental

1 – We are Born Brainless Nobodies

To our minds, we come into being as material beings explained as being due to physical stuff such as biology and classical physics. Much time is spent trying to explain how we are something as opposed to nothing or even why there is anything as opposed to nothing?  Physicalism the paradigm under which we live offers no real explanation to the deep questions. Certainly, the evidence for there being a material world out there is not great compared to the idealist notion that Consciousness is the assumed starting point for reality and the best assumption we could make at this time. Intuitively it seems that human beings have known this for at least as long as they have been searching for answers. The interpretations have been wildly different but it does not take too vivid an imagination to see how Universal consciousness, Mind at large, God, and the Tao (to name just a few)are all aiming at the same reality. Talking about the same thing. If we ignore humanities hunger for power and control in the perversion of some of these interpretations, particularly the idea of God and religion we can see how these are all conclusions pointing towards there being a mental reality, not a physical reality at the root of whatever might be the truth behind our mysterious existence. It seems that we are living under some disastrous misconceptions (physicalism) about the way things are and if we do not wake up soon it will be too late. Maybe it already is too late. I will call the pure consciousness that is at the root of all of our perceived reality “Pure-mind” from now on – if you wish you can replace it with your chosen term – be it God, The Tao, Universal consciousness, or anything else for that matter.

2 – We Become Busy Brain-Bodies With Multiple Personalities –

Our minds create the material world – the world of matter and we get it the wrong way around and think matter creates mind and consciousness. Our brains are a creation of Pure-Mind but we are led to believe that our mind or consciousness is a by-product of brain activity. When brain activity lessens mental experience becomes richer this is because without a brain we are once more whole with Pure-Mind. This is what we know as death. Mini-minds seem to need a brain for a personal experience to be possible without a brain we experience pure consciousness or Pure-Mind. NDEs – psychedelics, meditation, and many other things that cause the brain activity to lessen report the experience of pure consciousness. Pure-Mind is ordered and predictable – there is no time or space for Pure-Mind it is unable to self-reflect or experience as we do or as any conscious entity does. Pure-Mind does not need an organizing structure it is already ordered. Time and space are for humans to organize their chaos. Any anthropomorphic comparisons or expectations are mistaken this is where religion misses the mark. The chaos that Pure-Mind needs is provided by what I am calling Mini-minds. We are such minds and we could be described as the multiple personalities of Pure-Mind. We provide the chaotic knowing and experience that Pure-Mind seems to need as part of its nature. All conscious agents are Miniminds. We agents are the ripples in the ocean of Pure-Mind. So ultimately humanity’s purpose is to share our unique experience with Pure-Mind. Like fingerprints no two humans are having the same experience this ensures that the Universe continues to expand. And Pure-Mind is constantly fed with new insights and understanding.

I suppose it could be possible that sleeping and dreaming are our minds downloading and uploading information to Pure-Mind. That is as good as any current theory.

3 – We Return Once More to Being Brainless Nobodies –

From the above insights, we can see that upon brain death we once more return to Pure-Mind and order because when our brain stops our ego vanishes also and we are once again brainless nobodies. I have explained the brainless part but what of the nobody assumption. It’s like this! As mini-minds we have egos and create many different roles for ourselves. We believe these somebodies are a big deal. As we get wiser we start to understand that these egos are what make our lives uncomfortable and we try all kinds of things to break free from our egos. To once more become nobodies. The insight here is that Pure-Mind learns from our ego’s experience, insights, and understandings, and without egos, we would not be very good at supplying such a rich vein of experience and reflection. Theoretically without our egos, we would be half-dead and fully dead once the brain stops working. Seekers across the world attempt to break free from ego and lessen brain activity in differing ways so that they can die before they die. Which in layman’s terms means they experience pure consciousness before actually leaving this mortal coil. Temporary Pure-Mind is a very good place to be. They are Impatient buggers! The actions, feelings, emotions, and reflections of a controlled ego are some of the tools we need to supply Pure-Mind with experiences. If we become pure consciousness now we are not fulfilling our purpose in this life. No living human is without ego – kidding oneself that life is possible ego-less is deluded but your ego can come closer to Pure-Mind and wholeness than the separate dualist egos we witness in our physicalist paradigm. That is a worthy aim in this life. To understand that there is no separation in Pure-Mind and all of life is in relationship to something. More on this later.

Thanks for reading this

Gary x