Gary’s Thoughts on the God Issue

This is the first post in a new category “Insights & Understanding” in which I attempt to simplify the incredibly complicated subject of Reality from my point of view.

May your God go with you

God – The absolute – The Tao – Universal Consciousness – Source – Mind at Large – The One – One Mind – Pure Mind and many others are all nouns that point to what I believe is the same phenomena. I apologise if I omitted yours. The nouns we use are not particularly important and are limiting. It is also better to think of God as a verb – a process.

The ontological primitive is the mysterious something that all Reality emerges from. The starting point for experience. However this is interpreted, (and there are many theories) it is likely it exists beyond words and as such God or your noun of choice is valid although maybe some interpretations are better than others. Beyond the ontological primitive we can never know. Reality as we experience it exists within God et al. The truth is more likely that no words will ever describe what we all know deep inside.

Personally, I prefer Pure Mind, Mind at large or Consciousness. Why? Because the noun God has been corrupted and taken literally by too many left-brained, lazy humans and institutions. In today’s language – God has too many plug-ins which detract from the pure God that lies at the Source (another good noun).

Many years ago there was an Irish comedian on television in the U.K. – Dave Allen. Dave always ended his show with “May your God go with you”. Never has it been more important for each of us to continuously develop a worldview that includes our interpretation of God. For me, understanding Pure Mind or Mind at Large through science, non-science, experience, emotions and intuition has reinvigorated my motivation for living and my curiosity about dying. God for me is a Collective Consciousness or Pure Mind undescribable, with words – a felt experience – complex beyond reason – a continuous process.

God is a process for us all and every free thinker will interpret God differently. The question do you believe in God? Is redundant for this reason. As any simple answer leads to assumptions based on the questioner’s interpretation. Either they mean – do you believe in my interpretation of God? Or maybe the question should be How do you personally interpret God. For this question, there is no easy answer and it is an answer that will change forever. Words can never describe the experience of God or the process that is our personal experience of God.

For many left-brained science types scientism(everything can be explained through science) replaces God but gets stuck when having to move away from measurement and reason to explain consciousness and things such as love and beauty. Being left-brained they try in vain – they lie and are stubborn but never flexible enough to open their minds to other possibilities. This makes the religion of scientism mostly a limiting factor for knowing reality. However good it may be with technological advancements scientism refuses to accept its limitations when the big questions are asked.

In the scientific world of matter as primary, we will all be doomed. Inflexibility when it comes to scientific or religious dogma will eventually lead to destruction.

The insights and understanding we can gain from our Gods plus useful selfless science can save us. At the personal level, this means understanding our brain hemispheres and once again allowing our right brain to be the Master of the left. The author Iain Mcgilchrist is the place to search for this knowledge.

The solution for humanity is not to be found in the separation of body and mind, science and religion right and left brain but rather by uniting these as each being necessary to the complicated whole of human experience. It is time to put everything back together again much like Humpty Dumpty. The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. Our current world is in pieces. Perhaps the toughest jigsaw we will ever encounter has to be completed for our survival.

If your God has been handed (or force-fed) to you by any institution it is probably a poor fit – much like a suit off the peg. It may feel okay but there will be issues that affect your peace of mind. Taking the time to tailor your worldview including God will result in a better fit and the correct questions will arise for you to continue the process until the day you dispense with this physical body.

God is a continuous process to which you contribute with your insights and understanding. Words alone can never grasp God. Feelings (vibrations) may get you closer. The mystery of God will never be solved because we ourselves are part of the mystery that we are trying to solve. Insight and understanding is a process involving mind, spirit and body not the following of rules and can never be finally achieved. Get used to having no answers and generating more questions. But most of all get used to your interpretation of God as being personal and others God to be at times radically different whilst all talking about the same thing! Or even better! Don’t talk about God – experience it.

Your God Process is personal

May your God go with you

Gary x