Attention Weight Trainers! Sexy Glutes and Legs! How?


Early in my training history of over 40 yrs, I was working out with a bodybuilder who was 5′ 8″ tall. I am 6′ 4″. We would do all of the predictable exercises such as squats, dead-lifts and bench presses. He excelled at all of the them and I whilst improving did find the session (in hindsight) a challenge due to my unfavourable leverage. My inside leg measures 36″ and I have arms to match this makes things like squatting a long way down and back up again. I made reasonable progress and at that time firmly believed that the only way to obtain the physique I so desired was to squat, bench and dead-lift. This was the seventies and gyms were very basic in the UK and the fitness industry was yet to be anything much. There were multi-gyms in some leisure centres and a few spit and sawdust type clubs such as the one we trained in run by enthusiasts as an extension of their weightlifting hobby. Our gym mixed power lifting, Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding under one roof. Each believing their way was best and the atmosphere was very hostile and competitive. There were no women in the gym. At a later date there was a women’s area thrown together in an adjacent building.

Now I have set the scene, I will say that what did come out of this gym was good hard core training habits. I began to train on my own due to work commitments I could no longer be at the gym for my squat, bench and dead-lift sessions. During one of these visits I met an Olympic lifter that used the split lifting technique. I was amazed to see the difference in the size of his legs. The leg he favoured for his split lifting (lunge) was developed much more than the other leg even though that leg was far from inactive in his training. Needless to say this got me thinking and I began to explore the many different variations of the lunge that can be performed. I will include weighted step ups in with lunges.

This was a major breakthrough for my future training to this day as came the realisation that many of the conditioned habits I had picked up from conformist trainers were subject to change and that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of exercises that may suit different body types better. This didn’t mean I would discard the old favourites but I now saw them each as one exercise out of many that I could experiment with in my training. As a result of my having to train alone I grew like a weed.

I used lunges for my one of my staple leg movements and weighted step ups. I would still squat and leg press but I now introduced a variety of exercise into my work-outs. I did this across the whole body and I still to this day use many different exercises in my training. I firmly believe variety is the way to progress and to get past the inevitable sticking points. I say I but I always workout with Julie and we train in an identical fashion. And change our workouts regularly either a little or a lot.

I quickly worked up to some respectable weights in lunges and everybody that I met from my early training noted the massive improvements. I was finally training for myself. Lunges were my go to leg exercise. Dips became my main chest exercise. I still do not do flat bench press to this day. And a variation of the dead-lift called the Romanian dead-lift took over from basic dead-lifts. No exercise is ever off the table for Julie and I.

My legs became a strength as opposed to the weakness that long legs can be for tall weight trainers and my bum developed to the point that it started to get pinched by strangers when I was out and still does to this day. I even got wolf whistles. I credit the lunges and training as a non-conformist. Calves took a bit longer but eventually through adapting my sessions they to added to the symmetry. I now get regular comments and questions on how to build calves. This is a massive turnaround for me.

If you want great legs and bum experiment with every sort of lunge and step up. Add these to the basics and you WILL through hard work and consistency in and out of the gym develop the legs you desire.

The time has come to stop following the herd, that is for sheep. You can find your own path. There are many workouts that will give you the body you want. There are no right and wrong exercise.

Good form – Intensity – consistency – nutrition – rest and the added bonus is that when you are doing a session that you choose for reasons that you believe in you are already making progress. The most important part of any training regime is the belief in it and the flexibility to substitute other exercise when you feel the urge.

Develop your own training philosophy and make it flexible and fun. Exploring the infinite variety of lunges will be the best investment you ever make in your legs and bum

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Yours In Health – Gary