Could Life be a Colossal Scam?

Experiment with people, life, and situations to gift Pure-Mind with innovative insights and understanding. A mundane conformist existence adds little or no fresh insights or understanding to Pure-Mind.

There are 5 self-care tips to guide us in the process of meeting our responsibilities to Pure-Mind. They follow.

1 – Refusal

Refusal to accept as a given everything you are conditioned to believe is the truth this includes all media, science, and spiritual beliefs.  Past, present, and future. Including what you are reading now. Look at everything with an open mind and don’t be fooled by the science it is too often prejudiced and misleading. You will never formulate a personal worldview by lazily following the herd. Beware of media including all advertising and government bulletins. search for ulterior motives.

2 – Curiosity

Curiosity in every realm of life provides many new possibilities and valuable contributions. This is where you need to be almost childlike in your curiosity about anything and everything offered to you as useful information. Put yourself in the opposite corners and try to “get” the whole picture.

3 – Innovation

Innovative thoughts and actions result from refusal and curiosity. These values allow fresh new insights and understanding as a result of courageous experimentation outside of the norms. Used along with being fully engaged and the love of learning. Pure-Mind expands along with the mini-Minds brave enough to break ranks with the norms and Mini-Minds in general. We are all on the same team. Never be afraid to break ranks.

4 – Engagement

The only way to get results from any change is by fully engaging with the subject. By conforming we are accepting others’ views and opinions. As an example – One of my many former life talents is being a personal trainer. However, I would not recommend anyone to invest in a trainer. Why? Because they will teach you according to their often fixed beliefs about fitness and nutrition according to trends and the latest best way. The process can be brain-numbing. The result is guaranteed you will either think their beliefs are correct above all others or you will think the exact opposite and try a different trainer. The fact is that whatever the science says at any given time there is no right or wrong way to exercise and variety and experimentation is the way to engage yourself with a process that will be all the more rewarding due to your full engagement. The same is true for everything in life – this is the only way to approach your worldview. Your physical wellness is one small part of the whole big picture. Nothing is separate – for instance, your state of mind is a massive part of your physical well-being. When asked if I think a certain workout will bring results my answer is “If you believe in what you are doing engage and bring passionate intensity to the process you will get results”. This is the same for anything you want to achieve in any sphere of life. This is what engagement means.

5 – The love of learning

– Engagement and the love of learning are inseparable. You should get an intense thrill from learning new stuff about your reality. Formal education creates human units to fill positions in the grand scheme that they think you are suited to or not as they don’t care if you are in a dead-end job for life. To the system, you are a resource. Learning does not end with full-time education. The fun starts when you are learning for yourself and following your instincts for where it will take you. This is never-ending and is part of being engaged with life to the full.

It should be obvious from this that refusal, curiosity, innovation, engagement, and the love of learning all work synergistically to bring new insights and understanding. None of these end – the process is infinite. There is no end game.

Many Thanks

Gary x