Why is That? Editing Negative Past Stories

I aim to present here a chicken and egg scenario that may surprise you but if you understand it fully and engage fully with the new thinking it will change the direction of your life forever.

A. Do the circumstances, situations and people in your life dictate your emotional well-being (state of mind)? Or B. Does your emotional well-being (state of mind) create your life experience? We currently live in a physicalist/materialist world where we are conditioned to think “A” is correct. A victim mentality ensues and Addictions and widespread mental health issues are all the result of this incorrect, failing and manipulative physicalist/materialist paradigm.

It is far more likely that “B” is the way our world works. Our minds create our reality. If this is the first time you have been introduced to such an idea it will seem very alien but engage with the debate and research on your own and the haze will clear and life will begin to look very different. And maybe a tad worrying as to how we can change things.

With this new insight, it becomes painfully obvious that any and all negative past personal stories added to all negative beliefs and fears that masquerade as the truth that is peddled daily by our rulers and profit mongers in this physicalist/materialist paradigm is wrecking our lives or at least keeping us stuck in a repetitive existence that we will never escape. Until we change the way we think and force change on the world by exposing a more likely belief system.

Our number one priority in life is to immerse ourselves in positivity. Emotional well-being is the most important foundation for future success, happiness and peace of mind. Once you become aware of this it becomes blatantly obvious that the odds are stacked against this achievement – Our world is shaped to create emotional instability through media, governments and the system we are forced to live under (obviously it is for our own good).

We are mini-minds (self-reflective) within Pure-Mind (consciousness, God etc.). Our life purpose is simple – it is purely to provide unique insights and understanding to Pure-Mind and to aid others in doing the same. The name of the game is creativity. Pure-Mind created mini-minds to enable self-reflection and creative progress in the ever-expanding process we call life. Whatever you prefer to call the source of all it is undoubtedly a creative force.

Your personal past stories that are full of negativity have to go. Wallowing does nothing good for your emotional health. Delete the narrative or change it. It’s your past make it whatever you want. Nobody really cares. Your past can be whatever you want it to be. Make it a good past. If you cant do that. Never look back! If you have “friends” that like to live in a negative past constantly reminding you of past crappy happenings – that is not friendship and needs to be edited out of your present reality so as not to be repeated over and over again in differing disguises. Groundhog days waste time – waste life. You are wiser now – let it all go!

If you would prefer a successful, happy existence with perfect peace of mind the first snippet of insight and understanding must be that the preferred existence is created through emotional well-being and a very positive state of mind or neutral at worse. This can never be achieved as a result of responding to physical situations, people and situations over which you have no control.

Mind is all – the physical and mental are not separate and controlling your mind is the key to the reality you are living from day to day. A sound mind and good emotional health can never be disturbed and good stuff happens as if by magic. If I could encapsulate in words the attitude we need to adopt – it is as follows:

Its all happening perfectly

Letting go of judgements and controlling tendencies and allowing the unfolding of experience are the skills needed -“No action” often being the preferable choice.

Act on your mind and watch the unfolding of experience as the physical harmonises with the metal.

If you feel good or even neutral most of the time your life will be good. If you are searching for a good life first to make you feel good – your feelings will be fleeting and unfulfilling. There are many people that seemingly have it all but live a suicidal life or the search for peace of mind continues for them.

Good vibrations – Good life – Never the other way around.

Make positivity, good vibrations and vibrant emotional health your default setting and a good life will result. Fill your life with inspirational reading, videos and people. Be guarded against what you expose yourself to when it comes to media, situations, circumstances and people – don’t let the buggers grind you down – television will bring you down and advertising will keep you pushed into the ground. Be as careful about what you put in your mind as what you put in your body. Feed your mind well. External negativity is everywhere don’t be fooled and make feeling good your life goal and you will prosper. If you are doubtful – next time you watch the television or use any media device be aware of the emotions arising from these externals. Clenched fists – annoyance – conflict – bad news in the world – will all be experienced as more serious and mostly stuff you have no control over. Is the world that you consider normal conducive to your peace of mind, happiness and success. Nope!

My challenge to you today is to break free of the materialist paradigm and come into the light of idealism. Read and watch on youtube people like Bernardo Kastrup – Bruce Lipton – Iain McGilchrist – Robert Lanza and even the much-maligned Deepak Chopra. There are many more but piecing together a personal worldview with these authors and other similar souls will cause a progressive shift in your mind in a much healthier direction that the current paradigm. You will be filled with curiosity and many more questions than answers – this is normal – and you will read much of the stuff many times – each time growing more. The world may take on almost magical qualities.

Reignite your excitement for life and what reality might be – what is the alternative? Waiting around with your big pile of stuff to die. I know what I choose and you may well find that you can reconcile the death issue for yourself at the same time.

I am closing with my first ever attempt at verse – called Why Is That! I hope it doesn’t stink too much.

Why is that?

At the gym
weight too heavy
Deplorable form
Look at me
Ego workout
Why is that?

In nature
Destructive behaviour
Litter Left
Constant noise
No respect
Why is that?

In The car
Racing mentality
Raging moods
Hate all others
Dont know them
Dont care
Why is that?

At the game
Angry hostility
Abusive chants
Pent up rage
Ready to explode
Why is that?

Gossip too much
Buy too much 
Eat too much
Work too much
Anxious too often
Too much tv
Too much phone
Too much media
Too many screens
Too much angst
Why is that?

No time
Even less love
No patience
Why is that?

Victimised soul
Blaming Externals
Others Fault
Its not me
It just cant be
Why is that?

Narrow minds
Know it alls
Mind closed off
Dont hear the call
Why is that?

Physicalism rules
Makes little sense
Creates separation
Yet herd accepts
Why is that?

Idealism looms
Makes perfect sense
Yet still delayed
Physicalism reigns
Why is that?

Physicalism destroys
Left brain rules
Humanity doomed
Idealism waits
The race is on 
Why is that?

Egos resist
Eyes are blind
Is this the end 
Of humankind

Greed + indifference
Failure to learn
Too much comfy ego
To lazy to read
To see the truth
Why is that?

Imprisoned by physicalism
Idealism empowers
Still we resist
The inevitable truth
Why is that?

Freedom is fake
Each one of us stuck
The time may arrive
When we run out of luck

We resist better theory
Shiny and new
Because its so different 
From what we once knew
Human powers lay doormant
Closed of in the mind
These powers the saviour of all mankind

Meta-human seems slightly sureal
The blinkers we wear come as part of the deal
Mind at large is the host
Mini-minds are we all

Physical of mental?
The question is asked
But no need to despair
They come as a pair
Pure-mind the lead
Research all you need.

Its tough to believe that mind is all
Begin to learn and the barriers fall
Once you begin you will never rest
Your aim will become to live life at its best

Eventually you will know we have all been fooled
For profit and power and to be ruled
Pure-Mind has begun the paradgim shift
To save us all - it needs to be swift

-Gary Walsh-

Many thanks