How can I lose weight quickly?

A Flexarian approach to weight loss – with the flexibility to fit any lifestyle – this is the key.

It is important for future health that weight loss is achieved in the most sensible way. The long term benefits are worth the effort. Having said that it may(is) also be the quickest way to lose fat.

Self-discipline is needed. As is a willingness to think outside the box. And the ability to tweak the protocols to suit your lifestyle. in effect Self-Mastery – which is my area of expertise.

Self-Awareness + Self-Discipline = Self-Mastery!

Okay! Here we go – I will point you in the right direction, the direction of personal power.

Intermittent fasting that you eventually will tailor to meet your every need. And that will set you up with the knowledge (power) and ability to control your own body composition. A great feeling – SELF-RELIANCE.

I would suggest that you begin by reading as much online information on IT (INTERMITTENT FASTING) as you can. Jason Fung & Benjamin Bickman are good places to start.

IMPORTANTLY! LEARN THE ROLE OF INSULIN UNTIL YOU CAN RECITE IT BACKWARDS – it is not difficult and is the key to your health and weight management for the rest of your life.

That is the case whether you know about it or not. It makes sense to learn something so important.

Youtube is a place where you can find this stuff. Plus all sorts of crap and misleading information. You will learn to intuit when something is true as part of your progress. It does happen.

One instinctively knows when something is right if we can just trust our instincts.

It helps that Intermittent Fasting is simple, cheap and can be tailored for any lifestyle. It can be extreme for times when you are highly motivated or less extreme for those moments of struggle.

A little effort in learning and some self-discipline now will become a habit and guarantee your success.

Lastly, I would mention that belief in what you are doing, whatever you choose is vital. The placebo effect is real and may account for more of our success than we realise.

Belief in all that we do is paramount. THAT IS THROUGHOUT LIFE!

State of mind leads and the rest follows.

Good luck – not that you need it – Good discipline and a hunger to understand your body and mind is far more useful.

Yours in health

Gary Walsh – Self-Mastery Coach