**** Your Best Intentions!

How Our Deep Subconscious Mind Likes To Control Our Thoughts And Actions

Julie (my wife) (59)

**** your best intentions! This is my subconscious talking when I think I can too easily make conscious choices over and above its control.

This blog features an example of my efforts to gain some control over my life. And my subconscious mind regaining control due to my lack of any real conviction to match my intentions.

We can reprogram our minds to serve us better but not like this.

A few weeks back Julie (pictured) and I decided it might be good for us to work out separately. The reason is to socialise with others more (for me) and to break any dependent behaviours. I work from home and don’t get much chance to interact with others. This was one solution. When we train together we tend to stay in our bubble and on the odd time I have worked out alone I always make friends (ahh!). Or at least interact with other gym members. I am the original revolting introvert.

Adam (me) (61)

When we began this Julie trained before work in a downtown gym and I trained in a gym just outside of town, a little later in the day.

I am prompted to write this blog as we have been working out together for the last 20 days and I cannot for the life of me think how our intentions were cast aside and we were drawn back into working out together.

This proves the strength of our combined unconscious conditioned habits when compared to new conscious intentions that to be successful have to be imprinted in our minds by suggestion and repetition over a long period of time depending on the individual.

Julie (59)

For our new behaviours to become habits we must really want to change at the deepest level as the absolute starting point. And then override our subconscious auto-pilot for long enough for the new behaviour to become our new default setting. This is what hypnotism, affirmations and suggestion are designed to do. Create an alpha or theta brain wave pattern and introduce the new ideas. I believe this can be done without hypnosis but is affected more easily under the correct relaxation patterns afforded by hypnotic trances. The hypnogogic and hypnopompic states are passed through when going to sleep and upon awakening, these are good times to affirm and suggest new ideas and behaviours. We regularly go into trance throughout the day if we can become aware of when we can affirm and suggest at the most beneficial times.

We enter trance states often during the day

For me, it is when I walk the dogs, before sleep and strangely enough when I watch television (sorry! I was miles away, is the often-used phrase when others interrupt our trance states) which I do rarely or use the computer to browse. At these times I am guaranteed to go into a deep trance. All too often I miss crucial moments in sporting events even though I am staring at the screen. This is why advertisers like to bombard us at these times. It is like we are hypnotised to want their products and services. They are not stupid. But maybe unethical. Capitalism is far from the perfect system when profit becomes so important.

I will not use trance states in this instance as training with my best friend is not a negative behaviour and we have decided we can just have the odd sessions apart or even do weeks of what I called lone ranger sessions (none of this happened either) before getting back together and appreciating how good it is to share so much together. It is good to experience life situations alone and together and the differing riches that each can produce in precious moments

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Yours In Health – Gary -x-