Why Lift Weights – Bodybuilding?

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau poet and philosopher

Why Lift Weights – Bodybuilding?

You may be reading this and thinking that exact question. First, let us define bodybuilding for our purposes. Bodybuilding – Any person changing or wishing to change the shape of their body through diet and exercise particularly but not solely using progressive resistance training with weights. This definition covers a huge range of the exercising population from absolute beginner to hard core competitive athletes. Why? Because all negative connotations aside bodybuilding is the best way to achieve most fitness and body shaping goals. Julie and I trained for over 35 + 43 years respectively without ever thinking of competing until quite recently.

My wife, best friend, training partner and lover Julie – A Grandmother in her fifties when this picture and the others in this article were taken – Maybe a good reason to lift weights.

Competitive bodybuilding is an extreme sport.

Competitive bodybuilders are just a very small percentage of the total people using bodybuilding techniques to improve their physiques across the world. There is a level for each individual and one can take the sport as a casual pastime to improve health and fitness or to the most extreme levels. Bodybuilding contains the freedom for you to express your individual uniqueness however you choose. However, bodybuilders have been turned into quite unsavoury objects by our society and my writing explores and explains my search for meaning relating to my lifetime choice of personal bodybuilding (I hate labels).

I am pushing 60 in this picture – bodybuilding and a healthy attitude are the reason for my condition. I work my mind as hard as I work my body. Loving the 24/7 challenge

Male or female working through intense balanced sessions on a regular basis is the optimum way to be fit, healthy and to look amazing (the icing on the cake).

I have trained for well over 45 years to date and I still make gains and improve with a body far younger than the norm. I have had to be flexible and learn but with an open mind and a willingness to experiment with your body you will never find a better exercise to dedicate your life to than bodybuilding (progressive resistance training). This is factual to the point that most other sports and pastimes are so incomplete they have to add a weights regime to their training routines to improve. I have only to walk and stay active, watch my nutrition and train hard enough to stress my cardio system.

In closing I would like to state that the best results are achieved by adopting a lifestyle of good feeding, intense training, effective relaxation and recovery and wise supplement use. There are no magic potions but it is the person with the best attention to details that become habits that ultimately succeeds. Not just the person that trains the hardest. There are a myriad of small details behind every good physique and an open mind and willingness to experiment and learn is paramount. Success is to be found in every waking moment outside of the gym.

Good luck!

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Life is a game of creation – but you have to be actively participating to create what you want to see.

Yours In Health – Adam Senex -x-