Why Walk?

Walking Is A Blessing Not A Curse – Make It Part Of Your Life

I was about to leave for my roughly 2.5-mile walk to the gym when my sister who was leaving after a fleeting visit good-heartedly offered to take me in her car. There was a confused look on her face as I pointed out that if I went in her car I would miss out on the exercise, appreciation of my senses, thinking time, fresh air, the chance of unplanned human contact, birdsong, the dogs loved it, the elements and everything else that might transpire that day. I should probably add getting mown down and maimed or killed on pedestrian crossings as it seems inconvenient for people to stop these days. I quite enjoyed my frequent walk and it was not a hardship. I had a car also. But thanks and she may join me if she fancied a walk and flipping the bird to the ignorant and distracted car drivers that fail to stop at crossings. She would experience all of the aforementioned, benefit from my scintillating company, save fuel and benefit the planet.

Now having wished she had never offered and looking exasperated in the extreme (I have that affect) – she surprisingly(not) declined my invitation. The thought of exercise has always been abhorent to my sister. I am not sure she could stand too much time listening to my yap either. I am pretty sure she mumbled IDIOT! Under her breath. She would know me as well as anyone I guess.

An added note here my non exercising sister now has a dog that she walks most days and attends Zumba classes. Wonders will never cease.

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