Different For Girls?

Don’t allow gender specific bullshit falsehoods to keep you from the best exercise choice you could ever make.

Should the way women exercise be radically different to the way men exercise? In my opinion there should be no such thing as gender appropriate exercise as there are no relevant differences that would affect exercise and results from exercise. We feel that gender appropriate training only serves to slow down or negate the potential results available to both genders. I am going to generalise for a second and I apologise if the following generalisation does not fit with you. Boys like lifting heavy weights and girls see mainly cardio as the way to reach their goals. Goals which most often are aimed at achieving a society ideal body portrayed in the media. Often these goals are unrealistic for the individual.

Both genders use every justification in the book to avoid the basic fact that for whatever reason they enjoy one more than the other. The facts are that we all have the same muscle and cardio-respiratory system. The only real difference is that women do not have the capacity to build the massive muscles which they are so worried about sprouting all over their bodies and the obvious unique genetic potential we all have. Incidentally I have never known muscles to appear on anyone suddenly and unexpectedly just because they lift weights and with muscle there is a definite use it or lose it situation which comes into play. I honestly prefer weights as does Julie because that is how we are able to sculpt our bodies and obtain the more rewarding quantifiable results.

There may even be hormonal advantages to training with a member of the opposite sex. A boost in sex hormones would be very good for training.

For Julie and me we even feel that it helps to work out with members of the opposite sex and whenever possible over the last 40 years that is what we have done. There is rarely any domination and we compete on how hard that we both train not on how much weight we can lift. The combination is perfect our strengths and weaknesses complement each other very well. Julie keeps me honest on the cardio and leg sessions. There are no special gender-based exercises only those you have been lead to believe are that way for various commercial reasons based purely on myth. So, come on girls get in that weights room and tear it up a little. Maybe teach the guys how to behave and understand that there should be no men-only areas in the 21st century.

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Yours In Health – Adam Senex -x-