#5 CUT THE CRAP! For Personal Transformation & Brain Health – A change is as good as a rest.


“Broaden your horizons. They’re the only ones you’ll ever have, so make the suckers as wide as possible.”

― Jennifer Crusie

I have observed over the years in the various places that I have lived that most people, including members of my own family rarely, if ever venture out in their own neighbourhoods. Preferring to hop into cars parked close by and drive everywhere. The exception often being those with dogs or runners. However, the dog walkers and the runners only tread the same path consistently. We all too easily get stuck in our comfortable behaviours. I could set my watch by the behaviours I see from my window on a daily basis.

This is why so many people find it so difficult to forge new behaviours and rewire their brains. The conditioning is so strong that the hardest part of setting new behaviours for self improvement is the gargantuan effort of becoming unstuck from the habits that we all seem to find so much false comfort in.

During the lock-down this has changed and my neighbourhood has become a hive of activity with the unusual sight of people that live close by but have never walked close to home suddenly breaking their usual habits and exploring their own environments. Whole families appear like tourists as if they are visiting a local attraction. It does make me smile.

I now wait with baited breath to see if all will return to their former comfortable paths or will some of the new habits stick.

We should all change stuff constantly. Some ideas for this are as follows:

  • Move the furniture about regularly
  • No television for a time (or for ever)
  • Walk occasionally – there is time if we make it.
  • Sleep on the other side of the bed
  • Try doing stuff with your least natural hand
  • Listen to new music
  • Read about other religions to understand
  • Have screen free days or weeks
  • No phone or social networking
  • Silent days
  • Talk to strangers (risk them thinking you are crazy)
  • Vary your diet – don’t get stuck as a vegan/carnivore/keto/etc etc
  • maybe try new podcasts that would not normally be your chosen subject. You will be surprised I am sure.
  • Sit in different places
  • Try something new (anything) it doesn’t have to be too adventurous – Rome wasn’t built in a day apparently!
  • Notice when you find yourself automatically doing the same thing time after time. Change it! Particularly if it is not enhancing your experience.

The list goes on and on – but you get the point – your brain will only change and work if you challenge it. Much like your muscles.

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Yours in perfect health Adam x

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