#4 – CUT THE CRAP! – Exercise and on being slightly different


a Flexarian is a maverick – I am 60 years old fit, healthy, ripped 24/7, motivated and mentally sharp – this is today’s no bull-shit blog on how I typically achieve this challenging aim. This series of blogs must be taken as a whole as my habits form part of a complete lifestyle. The puzzle will be incomplete without considering all of the pieces. There will be many blogs under the same category of – CUT THE CRAP!

Hi – If you have been following the first few blogs in this series – the day starts a little earlier than usual at 1am with a tiny cup of kombucha to swallow what I call my protectors (the same as yesterday) and nootropics which are different again today as they are every day:

  • Armodafinil 150mg
  • Nootropic blend – adrafinil – noopept – vinpocetine – citicoline

Settle down with a hot mug of black tea with headphones on for bi-neural beats/solfeggio/sublim affirmations – I am still trying to get to grips with all of the different literature on truth for my book.. The nootropic blend will be dosed again in 5 hours.

After a lovely mug of collagen coffee – We leave for our walk and outdoor gym session just after 4am. When we reach the fourth tee on South Beds golf course we stop. It is ideal as it has steps, hills and a park type bench. There are many such places to exercise at this time of day. Two circuits today for biceps, triceps, legs with some added sprints. Below – Circuits both completed 3 times before walking for another 90 minutes or so into the rising sun this morning with not a soul about.

  • CIRCUIT 1 – 3 times
  • 30m run forward and then backward
  • Bicep curls with bands hooked under park bench
  • Reverse close grip push ups with press up handles
  • Step back lunges
  • CIRCUIT 2 – 3 times
  • High step ups
  • Hammer curls
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • 25m hill sprints with exaggerated high knees and arms pumping
  • Stretches for hamstrings – quadriceps and hips.

Our four best friends, our dogs (Smudge, Zing, Titch and Zen) love this time – they get so excited with the running – feeding off the energy – that is just what dogs do and why you will see your moods reflected in your dogs so beware of your fear and anxiety. fearful and anxious owners have fearful and anxious dogs. Calm owners calm dogs.


rather than talk about food again now – I am going to discuss how difficult it can be to be slightly different.

Those of us that deviate from the norms can find it tough to fit in or to find other like-minded people. Whatever the trend that your being different is bucking – others that consider themselves normal are always intolerant and cruel without actually thinking that there is thinking feeling human being on the other end of their rejections, no matter how subtle they think they are being. It is not difficult to see when another person is repulsed by one thing or another about you. Or just plain thinks anything different is crazy. The ideal world is one in which we can develop our habits for ourselves and not because others prefer some other way. At time when I speak to people and that includes family I feel I am speaking a foreign language because of the alternative views I hold about absolutely everything or at least I see many different points of view as not so cut and dried as we are expected to accept them without question.

Michel Foucault suggested that to become more free and to resist hidden power we refuse to accept as a given “truths” that are held as absolute – here are no absolute truths but lots of competing truths. He then suggested curiosity as a way of questioning that which is “common” sense or as Erich Fromm suggested “uncommon” sense. And lastly he suggested innovation for finding new ways to live beyond the prison of the norms in which we all live. There is obviously a game to be played as we cannot live outside of society but we can resist and change the stuff that serves us poorly. It may take time.

How then can we resist the suffering that being slightly different can bring?

I have found that although I was slightly different in many ways I was conformist in others and to my shame I discovered that I was equally intolerant to those that were slightly different in these other spheres. I was a hypocrite and I started to observe that we are all hypocrites. OOPS!

My solution to lessening the suffering that I occasionally experienced was quite simple really I had to stop doing it to others. I changed my behaviour by being more accepting of difference AND here is the important part I became less sensitive to others attitude to me because we are all human and one thing all humans love to do is create US & THEM situations, it is for survival purposes apparently. This much is primal and it will eventually change as being civilised is really just about managing the animal side of who we are. Natural selection has not evolved as quickly as the human race needs it to. This means we have to learn to manage our beast nature – it is our responsibility. I suppose we are very smart apes that may eventually become part tech – in a relatively short space of time (too fast for evolution) – we will go from beast to cyborg. How frightening is that? Elon Musk is already talking about brain enhancements in terms of months and years as opposed to decades. Food for thought!

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Yours in perfect health Adam x

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