#3 – CUT THE CRAP! – Back in the groove and sleeping for health.


a Flexarian is a maverick – I am 60 years old fit, healthy, ripped 24/7, motivated and mentally sharp – this is today’s no bull-shit blog on how I typically achieve this challenging aim. This series of blogs must be taken as a whole as my habits form part of a complete lifestyle. The puzzle will be incomplete without considering all of the pieces. There will be many blogs under the same category of – CUT THE CRAP!

Good morning – After missing yesterdays resistance session it would have been so easy to miss another today. But that route is a slippery slope and I do not want to set the habit of not doing something – walking for miles is great but it is not enough despite what many people think. So with that in mind we had a very enjoyable quick circuit session during our walk. The aim is a quick intense session every day but as yesterday shows every day is not always every day. The dogs loved the energy release and were great fun

Today’s quick circuit: no rest complete 3 times.

  1. warm up – walk about a mile – jog up some steps.
  2. Shoulder superset with bands – lateral raises and shoulder press
  3. Jog to the steps and perform 20 leg tucks for abs
  4. Jog up the hill until we reach the bottom of a very steep incline – sprint up the incline about 50 metres with the dogs snapping at my heels playfully and making it all seem very easy. PHEW!
  5. Walk down and repeat.
  6. Stretches for hamstrings – quadriceps and hips.
  7. Continue our walk for another 90 minutes.

Thats it! – arms/legs/abs tomorrow

Upon rising this morning I followed the protection routine from blogs #1 & #2 inc turmeric et al – BUT – The performance cocktail was –

  • Hydrazine – A pre-workout capsule
  • Theanine 500mg

I take hydrazine about once a week. Nothing I take escapes my random cycling philosophy. That way what I take remains effective and I never build a tolerance for anything. That way I never have to increase the dosage on anything – if I reach the point where I am thinking I need more of something I stop taking whatever it is for long enough to eradicate any tolerance build-up.

I am quite consistent with what I consider to be my protection stuff:

  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Turmeric
  • multi vitamins and minerals but not every day
  • reservatrol
  • a variety in my diet.
  • Dessicated live tablets
  • Kelp and Alfalfa tablets
  • Yeast added to savoury foods
  • Linwoods flax seed combos added to sweet foods such as porridge and semolina
  • Cider vinegar tablets
  • Probiotics
  • D3 and K2

I have probably forgotten something but you get the picture.


Instead of discussing what I eat today I am going to talk about sleep and how I make sure I cover my bases – This is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and live a long life. When you read my blogs remember life is like a big jigsaw and all of the pieces have to be in place for us to see the big picture. None of my advice stand alone. It is all part of that jigsaw.

For further information on sleeping watch Rogan with Matthew Walker and buy Matthew Walker’s book. Armed with the latest research you are then able to formulate a plan that works for your life.

I will start at bedtime for myself. I have a screen ban after 3pm – I only read paperbacks at that time. My kindle gets a well earned rest. I like to take ZMA – GABA and MK677 before I shower at 6pm. The shower drops my core body temp to one more suited to relaxation and sleeping. I put on a pair of soccer socks and a pair of light gloves. I am naked otherwise. I know what a sight! my sex life happens at another time for obvious reasons. If I am listening to subliminals when I retire and I usually like to do this. I put on a blue tooth mask with speakers in the ears (Amazon) that ensure that it is dark and relatively quiet – otherwise I wear a black mask and ear plugs. I go to bed so early that it is light more often than not and possibly a little noisier than later in the day. I have to create an environment that is optimum for sleep. I am all geared up to sleep and that is what I do. 50% of the time I have to get up for a pee just once and I fall asleep straight away again.

Anybody that has dropped carbs will know that with no carbs your body has no use for much of the water it carries with them and at such times I pee more. But never more than once a night. I naturally wake up at around 2am – it can be as much as an hour earlier particularly if I have not eaten much – fasting makes sleeping more difficult – I amend my fasting protocol to negate this but it does occur now and again. I slept about 7+ hours last night but it can be around 6+ hours. That is barely enough so I have 2 naps in the day. I never set an alarm at any time and the naps seem to be for about 30 minutes. Julie is on a similar protocol but sleeps longer at night as she does not get the chance to nap during the day. Ideally 7-9 hours sleep is optimum.

Whatever protocol you develop the most important thing is to be religious in your routine. Your subconscious responds better when it knows what is expected and when.

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Yours in perfect health Adam x

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