#2 – CUT THE CRAP! – The practical reality rarely (never) measures up to the theory.


a Flexarian is a maverick – I am 60 years old fit, healthy, ripped 24/7, motivated and mentally sharp – this is today’s no bull-shit blog on how I typically achieve this challenging aim. This series of blogs must be taken as a whole as my habits form part of a complete lifestyle. The puzzle will be incomplete without considering all of the pieces. There will be many blogs under the same category of – CUT THE CRAP!

GOOD MORNING – WE ALL KNOW HOW SOMEBODY IS ALWAYS READY TO TELL US WE ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG – The fact is no matter what picture of perfection they paint nobody ever executes the perfect diet, exercise system or fasting protocol and the attempt at perfection always ends up in failure. “I have tried that but I just cant do it” is the hopeless refrain. The flexarian thinking for this conundrum is that under any system every person will be doing it differently to make it work. That has to happen. A system without wriggle room is worthless.

I recall a local bodybuilding expert when preparing for a show uttering the terrifying phrase – “Chicken and rice just chicken and rice” whenever he was asked for advice on contest preparation. The fact is I knew that he didn’t follow that advice and I often wondered if he actually convinced himself that he did. I can hear him yelling at his young charges now. The cold hard facts are we are all adapting stuff that we hear to make it fit for our purposes whatever it is. Whilst being mindful that the deviation does not become so drastic that the system is unrecognisable or worthless for the task.

I could tell you that I trained my shoulders, legs and abs this morning but the fact is I decided not to. Because at times after phenibut day which was yesterday it is a little difficult to rise out of being so laid back that we become happily indifferent to most things. This morning we just walked for 2 hours without the workout stop on the way. We WILL do shoulders, legs and abs tomorrow. I still aim to workout daily even though we miss the occasional workout. On the plus side we still got out and about and our walk was longer than usual.

Rising at 1.30am again – I swallowed my protection and performance supplements with some lively kombucha. This morning turmeric, ginger, black pepper and B3 were accompanied by the following performance blend – My Protein’s Thermo X (below) + 40mg Ephedra HCL – a enhanced form of what is known as E.C.A. – The traditional weight loss stack of ephedrine, caffeine and asprin. I do this just once in the morning and the theacrine ensures that the effects last most of the day. Never re-dose stims in the afternoon if you value your sleep.

  • Guarana seed 200mg
  • Total caffeine (inc guarana and kola nut) 160mg
  • Theacrine (as teacrine) 140mg
  • L-Tyrosine 133mg
  • L-Theanine 83mg
  • Kola nut 67mg
  • Korean Ginseng Extract 67mg
  • Choline 60mg
  • Cayenne powder 33mg
  • Vitamin B6 3.2mg
  • Black pepper 3mg
  • Chromium 80mcg
  • Vitamin B12 14mcg

After which I settled down with a mug of black tea – my headphones on with subliminal messages – bi-neural beats and solfeggio tones in my ears and began to read. I am currently writing a new book and the focus of the book right now is on truth – so my reading revolves around the many theories on truth that are out there. I have a little writers block but it will pass it is normally a sign that the subject is not clear enough in my head yet. It only happens when there is a lot of new thinking to be ingested.

Time flashes by and at 3.30am I wake Julie, make some quality coffee with collagen and sit and chat about some of our reading until we leave just after 4am.

A word on fasting again. Today as we stopped eating at 2pm yesterday – by the time we leave for our walk we are 14 hours in and over 16 hours when we return. It is quite easy to wait another 2 hours and to reach 18 hours fasting and that seems to be the minimum we do these days. Issues I once had with my stomach such as acid re-flux are now a thing of the past with regular fasting built in to our daily routine we are confident that our general health is much better. The balance of healthy practices and more risky ones such as the occasional ephedra use seems to be falling on the right side for well-being. We found that a larger eating window was a nightmare and 16-8 allowed to much food to be eaten – since we have allowed less time for eating and more time for fasting the benefits have accelerated and the damage that food does lessened. Even the less healthy food that inevitably slips through the net – for me this is snickers bars and hula hoops.

The foods on our menu today are as follows:

  • Adam’s super porridge (see cut the crap #1)
  • Thai green jack-fruit curry and brown rice
  • Creamy coconut, corn and sweet potato
  • Ham sandwich with seeded sourdough bread
  • Hula hoops
  • Snickers bars (2)
  • Fermented organic Kefir yoghurt
  • optional mixed nuts

I must clear Julie’s good name here – the snickers and hula hoops are my things. Julie doesn’t have as many things as me. Her big thing is cheese. She is like a radioactive mouse when it comes to eating cheese. I keep a tight rein on her.

I break fast just after 8.30am and will not feed after 2pm.


Currently I do my Hormone Replacement Therapy jab at 3 week intervals. This is the least I jab because of the lack of heavy intense training in my life due to lock-down. My jab for the last few months is a long acting test blend and masteron enanthate. I have learned that masteron carries very little water and gives a dry look to my physique. It balances well with the more watery test. I also keep anastrozole, proviron and anavar orals in the cupboard and when I need a boost on heavy gym days I use them to aid my recovery and to compliment my jabs and lifestyle – anastrozole is an anti-estrogen. I have called this Hormone Replacement Therapy but there is little doubt that this is mild steroid cycle. I am unsure as to when one ends and the other starts but The categories matter little when you are in touch with what you are doing and listen to your body. There is not one oral supplement that I do daily not even what is classed as vitamins or health food supplements. Everything I ever take is cycled on and off randomly.


I am planning to go back to test and deca the next time I order. I have always flourished with deca and the value it holds for joint health is priceless – the amounts are always well below what you will find recommended. 10ml vials last me for months – Less is more. Anything you abuse will harm you and that includes snickers and hula hoops. Quality improvements are rarely rapid and glaringly obvious but in the longer term this philosophy has paid for me. I am after a consistent physique that is always ripped and never fluctuating wildly which just strains the system and is psychologically jarring.

Catch you tomorrow for some more practical advice

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Yours in perfect health Adam x


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