#1 – CUT THE CRAP! – I am 60 years old, fit, healthy, ripped, motivated and mentally sharp – This is how I manage to achieve it?


There are competing truths about everything. A flexarian explores these for herself and finds her own truth.

Adam Senex

a Flexarian is a maverick – I am 60 years old fit, healthy, ripped 24/7, motivated and mentally sharp – this is today’s no bull-shit blog on how I typically achieve this challenging aim. This series of blogs must be taken as a whole as my habits form part of a complete lifestyle. The puzzle will be incomplete without considering all of the pieces. There will be many blogs under the same category of – CUT THE CRAP!

I will mention that the way I manage our lives ( Julie and I ) changes constantly but here is a typical snapshot for this moment in time. No Bull-shit!

Today I was up at 1.30am – This is a good time for reading, writing and listening to subliminal message sounds. I will cover subliminal work another day. My first action today after dressing is to prepare a cup of tea and my morning supplements – The aim of these supplements is to protect and enhance me as an organism. I know that sounds impersonal but that describes it better than any other way. I want to be healthy but at the same time perform at my highest possible level. These supplements change in one way or another daily. I aim to be totally transparent here and remember I have done this kind of thing for a long time. I also have my PC set-up to flash positive words constantly while I work. This is called priming and is proven through psychological research to improve how we approach the now and future situations. I view it as great short term but the practice will also change my total world view (held subconsciously) in time. I have done it for a while now and I do feel my attitude is on a far more positive level nowadays than it used to be. My life satisfaction would seem to be vastly improved as anyone that has read my early work will attest to.

I pour a small cup of strong and very active kombucha and I swallow some B3, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper in capsule form along with 150mg of armodafinil and 500 mg of phenibut. I use armodafinil eod and phenibut every fourth day. I have discovered my sweet-spot through trial and error. If you over dose phenibut you will find you are overly lethargic well into the next day, The optimum dose is the aim. If you take a euphoric dose you will suffer withdrawal if you take enough to release any anxiety and to induce a feeling of well-being you will reap the benefits. I am also in fasting mode when I wake up. Normally I have had no food since 2pm the previous day. I make myself a cup of strong black tea with skimmed milk or a decent coffee with collagen and skimmed milk added. I then settle down to some challenging reading or writing. I can hear the fasting purists groaning but what I am explaining is not perfect theory but how an actual person that gets results rolls with the theories. It is too easy to get embroiled in the fine details of stuff these days to the detriment of actually making it work for the here and now. Just do it and make it work for yourself.


Fasting is what we do all of the time but we have no fixed criteria – it has become a habit that we embody. I stop eating before 2 pm most of the week, although I have a back-up 4 pm state of mind also if needed. It is 8.30 as I am typing this and I have no plans to eat anytime soon. If pressed I would say I normally fast between 16 and 21 hours. This depends on how strong my motivation is on any given day. The more routine I have in my day the less I think about food. When I eat! I eat high protein and keep my eating window small.


There is nothing I will not eat but I do have a reasonably healthy diet. I partake of all of the food groups and find moderation and variety is the key to health. I will eat junk food. Why? Because I do not do it often and the big picture of my eating and lifestyle habits is balanced very well in favour of healthy as opposed to unhealthy. Simple really.

I smile when I here all of these special diets and people getting lost in the details of this or that eating regime. As with anything else there is sensible eating and abuse of food. The problem is not the food it is the abuse of food and lack of nutrition management. It is the job of each of us to learn all about food and the competing truths pedalled at us for profit and vanity and adapt according to our expectations.


At 3.30 am I get Julie up and she has the same supplements as I had. Drinks a cup of decent coffee and I have another 500 mg of phenibut. On phenibut day I am “on it” – Music sounds better – my ideas flow like water and I need to be kept away from people as I will yap on and on forever and not allow others to talk. I make full use of this creatively productive time. I normally get so busy I forget to eat but that is not an issue. There is always plenty of time to eat and all of have to do is make sure my food is of the highest quality when I do it.

At 4 am we head off with the dogs to the hills which are next to a golf course. As we are in lock-down and the gyms are closed we will exercise at the hills. We will be out for at least 2 hours. We take 2 exercise bands and some press up handles with us in the bag we carry for walking my 4 dogs.


At the moment our workout and early supplements are on a 4 day cycle. Today we will train chest, legs and abs during our walk. There are various places to exercise when we are out walking – the imagination is the only limitation. Today we find a wooden bench on the golf course, there is not a soul around and the sun will show its face as we finish the session but continue to walk. We see the sunrise everyday. It is one of our things. Tomorrow we will train shoulders, abs and legs – I will fill you in on what we do when I return in the morning. As is the flexarian way – variety within a structure is the aim.

I wrap the tightest band around the bench so we can sit facing away and “hug” the handles together in an arc across our bodies, we then do as many press-ups as possible to complete our first super-set. Next we run a preset distance sideways, backwards and forwards. followed by a set of pelvic tilts and a set of lunges. That is one circuit, we complete 4 such circuits and then a few stretches before continuing our walk. the pups run around excitedly as we exercise. We often see owls, hares, foxes and deer. Nature makes an awesome gym.

THIS PRECIOUS TIME OUT IN NATURE is also a very important time for original ideas and thinking for me which is an important part of what I do. And a great time for Julie and I to discuss stuff in general and wonder in the awesomeness of this planet. I feel this time is vital for setting our attitude to life and everything that entails. And for discussing new ideas that have come to light from our recent reading. We read lot.


We get home at about 6.30 am – I feed the pups and prepare Julie’s food for the day. Julie showers and gets ready for work. She works for the N.H.S. and is very busy during this time of new viruses. Julie has another phenibut and I put an animal pack of vitamins in with her food for when she breaks her fast. We do not synchronise our times for fasting but each know what we are trying to achieve and how we can get what we expect. We also hold in our minds the visual of our expectations.

Julie food for today:

  • Mexican salad and chicken
  • West African peanut and chickpea with red rice
  • Adam’s special porridge with skimmed milk, collagen powder, protein powder, flaxseed, bio cultures, vitamin D, almonds, brazil nuts walnuts and co-enzyme Q10, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds and goji berries, yeast flakes.

As you can see variety is the flexarian way.

My eating will be similar but more and I may have a sourdough sandwich or similar – during heavy training periods (not during this lock-down time) we will supplement with a USN ready to drink protein which contains 50 g of protein and 24 g of carbs. This we take an hour before we plan to break fast and is with the aim of hitting a protein intake of about 1 gram per pound of body-weight. I weigh in at about 100 kilos+ a bit. I aim for 200+ grams of protein which is not easy with small eating windows but doable. Julie aims for about 140 grams.

I reach the stage that my metabolism is so efficient that it feels that no matter what I eat I seem to be ripped and at times eating more for a few days improves my body composition even more. I become that person that can eat whatever he likes. The key? Put the good habits into practice and then let go of it. Food doesn’t need us to be focused on it 24/7 – that signals obsession and that leads one way. Make it an automatic behaviour that is not particularly conscious and needs very little self-discipline. You may need some discipline to get started but eventually people like me actually test lower in self-discipline because the behaviours have become automatic. Much like driving – create the habits and then let it go.

Our aims are longevity – health – fitness and to look good. Plus to stay motivated, progressive and creative when the society norms are telling us that by 60 we should have surrendered our ambitions and await the inevitable end of days. It may be that covers what we all want out of life to exceed what has come before us. That is totally possible for most of us.

Having faith in the belief that the future will be better and knowing that the risk of it being worse exists also is the way to progress.


By about 3 pm I am winding down. If I got up at 7 am that would be 8.30 pm equivalent. I have a no TV before 3 pm rule. It stays covered. Working from home has it’s temptations.

I tend to break fast sometime between 9 am and noon. I feed the dogs at noon and if I don’t eat by then I have the problem of exceeding the time I want to stop eating. I stop eating 3 hours before bed (7pm) because I take supplements before bed that require an empty stomach such as mk677 and zma. When I am taking inject-able peptides such as those that can be lumped under the category of growth hormones I have to stick to my eating plan. It always amazes me that people that have no good exercise and eating habits take performance enhancing products and expect them to correct crap exercise habits and shit eating and sleeping habits. They should save their money. IDIOTS!


I will be talking about much that I have touched on here today. Such as performance enhancing products, HRT, developing healthy habits and attitudes and the competing truths that may be influencing your decisions and attitudes to valuable tools that are available to sensible human beings.

I hope this series of blogs will help you optimise your human experience and as long as you are not a wanker the suggestions here will enhance your life. Wankers will always be wankers no matter what they do. For them enhancing performance means being even more of a wanker than usual and we all know at least one of them. I have been that wanker. We all have an inner wanker and the secret is to accept it and manage it with loving care. I have some anecdotes revealing my inner wanker to share in future blogs. Not a petty sight and hindsight is a wonderful thing if you learn from it.

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Yours in perfect health Adam x


If you have any questions you can ask them via the contact page – Cheers! Adam x

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