#5 – What did you learn today dear? – About performance enhancing products.


“In occupying ourselves with ourselves we occupy ourselves with all that is related. Namely others and the planet.”

Adam Senex

NOOTROPICS AND PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS ARE NEUTRAL – they are neither good or bad. There are competing truths about all such products and erroneous beliefs among the normal population that they are all bad fueled by media sensationalising and lots of self-serving bias. If you are entering competition then there is an ethical question and I agree that in the name of an equal playing field there have to be limits. However, for the majority of us they can be tools to learn about and experiment with. With some thorough research and an investigation of the competing truths they can be a priceless aid to a quality of life. Abused they can be a living nightmare. I know both paths very well.

As with any drug or substance and that includes tobacco, alcohol and even food whether they are legal or illegal a lack of respect or flagrant abuse will lead to bad experiences. That is true of most things. The cliches “use don’t abuse” & “less is more” are true here. I have experimented for years and have experiences good and bad that qualify me as an expert over those that condemn everything without having experienced anything. I have been preached to by many alcohol swilling, MacDonald’s eating slobs regularly feeling they are right because you can buy their choice of poison in the supermarket – I don’t mean to judge as I have been partial to the odd big mac and beer but I am under no illusions that they are healthier than other life choices or that those ruling classes that govern what we can and cannot buy only have our health and fitness in mind. If that were the case all men would be able to improve their life quality with HRT but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. There seems to be time to make sick people well and to react to poor health but no time or money to enhance life for the masses before it becomes a matter of life or death.

I have done this for myself my entire life. It is easy for people to condemn practices because that is the conformist stance. It is harder to work life and stuff out for yourself. The possibilities are greater for he or she who dares to deviate from the norms. I am fit and healthy and continue to remain open to anything that enhances my life experience. I always will. I have troubled the NHS very rarely in my 60 years. My attitude is better for wanting high performance rather than just wanting to be free from illness and disease. I value my health but that will not stop me wanting to exceed the expectations of those that merely see lack of illness as a win situation.

I will end with an anecdote that shows well what I am talking about. A decade or so ago I was at my doctors and I told him about a testosterone derivative I was taking and that I would in all probability take it on and off for the rest of my life – it was quite a well-known product and a few top sports stars had been banned for taking it including a very well-known Dutch soccer player. It has lots of benefits but one of them is that it helps the joints and assists in muscle development and strength. There are obviously risks also as with anything in life. But weighing it all up I think it is a no brainer. His reply – And I quote “It’s better than smoking”. He also knew far less than me about it and had to look it up before he commented.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have if I can – from either male or female perspective. I am selling nothing. I will tell you of my experiences and what I have learned.

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Yours in perfect health Adam x


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