WAIT! LET’S TRY SOME OTHER WAY – 5 possible areas to work on for a more satisfying life

“The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning…..The game is worthwhile only insofar as we don’t know what will be the end”.

—Michel Foucault

WAIT! LET’S TRY SOME OTHER WAY Joining The Flexarian Revolution.

Every now and then, we get stuck in a rut on our path to success or a better life. We can do what millions are doing and ignore this and carry on with the same grind. Other times, the boredom hits us hard and we feel the need for change deep inside. What causes us to lack motivation for the longest time and then for some reason become a motivated machine and unstoppable in attaining our goals? I don’t know. My Father tried all sorts of treatments to stop smoking with no success and then one day he just stopped and never smoked again. In my experience there seems to be a right time for action and when it is the right time. We can succeed in almost anything. Maybe it takes a while for our subconscious to be reprogrammed for the new behaviour and constant thoughts and desires about the new behaviours eventually becomes our default programme and we WILL succeed.

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All it takes is that much vaunted free will to lift yourself up and possibly turn your life around. The time-frame could be a few months, a year, or more – it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are once again satisfied and on the right track, working towards a goal with some passion. It helps to know that with tenacity all things are possible. Never giving up on what you truly want in your life helps.

You might wonder how this turnaround is possible. The truth is that all you need is determination and a small push. You can start small, by changing your diet or turning off the TV. A tiny change now can become something bigger later in life. With that said, here are some ways you can start turning your life around.

They all boil down to changing our habits and behaviours. Busting old habits that do not serve us well and finding new habits better suited to our purpose.

1. THE PEOPLE HABIT – End to all toxic relationships

Don’t let society or culture dictate who you should choose to include in your life. If you feel any relationship is overly stressful. That is a sign to find others that are less demanding of your energy and physical resources.

When I say relationship, I mean any kind of interpersonal relationship — with your parents, siblings, partners, or friends. Any toxic relationship is harmful for both you and the other party. Having to constantly fight with someone, or be surrounded by negativity, is pure damage to your system. No matter what the other person thinks or feels, you shouldn’t allow them to ruin your mood.

Moreover, you shouldn’t let their negativity have any effect on you. The worst thing that could happen is for the relationship to turn mentally abusive. For example, if your friend doesn’t support or encourage you, then what is the point of being friends? If they are not on your side, they are not your friend.

Just ask yourself what you want and need, and whether you are getting that from the relationship in question. If there is no space for your personal growth, then the best solution would be to end it. For once, put yourself first.

Your relationships should be energising and not the opposite. Meeting with others should make you feel happy, lively and blessed. If that is not the case. Act to change the situation. Don’t look back.

2. THE EXERCISE HABIT – Become more physically active

There are many advantages to working out. For starters, it will make you physically fit. You will feel energized, strong, and powerful. With each workout, your body will be pumped. You will be pumped mentally, too. When you feel the rush, you will want to exercise more and more. Furthermore, it boosts your mood and mental activity. But you don’t have to become a bodybuilder unless you want to. It can be as simple as walking more.

An example I give my clients would be to buy a cheap Omron pedometer. I carry one and make sure I keep my activity up. Stick it in your pocket and walk at least 10,000 steps every day. You can increase that whenever you like. Even have a personal record of steps for each day – week. It is quite motivational and makes you realise how inactive we can be if we do not monitor our movements. It is quite motivating to tell your friends how many kilometres you have walked each day. My wife Julie uses hers on her bike ride to work and gets great satisfaction combining the trip with such an advantageous activity for mind, body and soul. If you get to the end of the day and are short of steps you can pop out for a walk before bed. No better way to relax and drag yourself away from the mind-numbing distractions that we fill our lives with. And that rob us of many precious moments. Once you get out it is such a great feeling to be connecting to the outside world rather than staring at an insomnia inducing blue light before sleeping (hopefully) – And most times people watch television and eat crap at the same time linking the behaviours together and being brainwashed with food ads throughout. Time to regains your freedom. If you are constantly sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen, and being inactive in general, your brain slowly starts to shut down. It seems like it is asleep. Your memory is bad, your thinking is slowed down, and your mind wanders. However, all this can be improved by simply working out. By changing your daily routine from stagnate to active, you can become more motivated to achieve your goals. These habits synergise to create the perfect environment for you to reach your potential in many ways.

3. THE LEARNING HABIT – Acquire a new skill

If we use our brains we can give the same workout to them as we do for our bodies and our brains use 20% of the energy (Cals) we consume. Use it or lose it. And we can change our brains at any time of life. Forming new pathways, neurons and synapses.

Let’s imagine your career has fallen apart. You have been a teacher for most of your life, or an accountant, for example, and now you are jobless. There is no prospect for you in this industry anymore – so, what do you do? Well, probably the best (and maybe the craziest) solution would be to start over. This means learning a new set of skills from scratch. You can do anything. The more taxing the better it is for your brain. Like working out physically. Our brains thrive on being worked out and on new stimulus away from our comfort zones.

Do whatever you want. Your brain is set up for your life as it is. Make it work to change and adapt to the new life you intend to have. Start your own blog. Journal write, tai chi, yoga, chess, almost anything new skill is developing more neurons because your brain has not had to deal with that skill before.

We all see these fantastic retired people learning lots of new skills and being intellectually sharp and much younger than their years would indicate. They are the inspiration for you and you can be for the people that will follow you. Not for them sitting complaining about the weather and talking about ailments and the good old days. The good days are now and long may they continue. Particularly if you are fit in your mind and body.

Who knows what could happen; perhaps, in a year or so, you could find a better job. Doing something that you enjoy, and it pays as opposed to just the latter.

Building new skills is always a good idea. You could earn some extra money on the side or use them in dire situations like the one mentioned above. Moreover, you will become more knowledgeable in general. Education should be your priority, even after finishing high school and university.

4. THE FEEDING HABIT – Change your diet plan

One of your new skills could be discovering all of the ways to optimise your physical and mental performance through diet and supplementation. Learning the damage your existing habits could be inflicting on your most precious gift. Your brain and body. Eating right and supplementing with nootropics and such like can optimise your performance to levels that you never dreamed possible.

Another way you might be exposing yourself to toxicity is through your diet. If you are hooked on fast food and other heavily processed products, you jeopardise both your physical and mental health. Poor food choices and lack of hydration could cause severe problems, such as a possible heart attack, breathing difficulties, and clotted arteries — to name a few. Plus, it could cause you to start losing confidence, happiness, and the will to be active. Your body can become your own personal experiment in getting the best from yourself. Become an expert but remain open minded and flexible to change and new possibilities.

There is nothing either scientific or otherwise that is not subject to change and progress.

The internet is a great place for information and it is also a great place for bull-shit. Learning the art of deciphering the good information from the bull-shit and allowing your intuition to play a part is how it should be used. How scary and exciting to become able to know yourself so much better as you progress.

Correct nutrition puts your brain and body on the fast track to improvements. Much of what you eat now is probably destroying your body from the inside out. I will leave it to you to discover the amazing world of personal nutrition. Personal being the operative word.


For most this single and most destructive habit is the hardest to bust.

Do not confine yourself inside the walls of your house, sitting in front of the TV screen day and night. No matter how many hours you spend watching TV, it won’t teach you anything. You will not grow and develop if you continue like this. The advertisements, talk shows, reality stars, and all the rest, will not teach you anything. There is no value to what they are selling. And you will become hypnotised by it. Or at least your brainwaves will be at optimum level for being open to suggestion, the same as being hypnotised. Adopting all the opinions you are fed and accepting all the biased views and prejudices. Television is poison and more dangerous than any threat we face because it is considered normal and harmless.

With all of the security measures we take to ensure our safety we fail to protect ourselves from the influences that invade our homes. We invite in most of the dangers to our freedom.

You would be better off reading a book, going for a walk, or having lunch with friends. Even if there is a show or a movie you like on, you could always watch it online. The news and other important stuff could be followed through newspapers or online. The TV has become obsolete and you should move past it.

It is safe to say that it doesn’t take much for you to turn your life around. Even by taking these steps, a new project in itself, you will train yourself to be better and increase your expectations enduring the lessons in each moment until your new life begins. Give it a try.

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Adam Senex x

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