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Recharging Our Humanity

Once we have become aware of the constraints our lives operate under and where our freedom to progress can be found we can move on to progressing within those constraints through the wonderful life opportunities that allow us to balance our egoic minds.

Reconnection is one such avenue to be explored. Living in our high-tech world it is a fact of life that in the first part of life we are so focused on finding a position of safety, security and status within the world that we totally lose touch with Gaia – the earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism – in doing so we neglect to take care of our primal need for connection and fail to balance our egoic mind which when left unchecked will almost certainly run out of control. There is evidence of this left brain egoic panic behaviour all around us. I will share a short anecdote with you now to show how this became obvious in my world.

It’s happening in this moment.

Birds, what birds? – I got to pondering whilst out walking the other day how at one time during my head up my arse years, I remember vividly believing that all the birds were vanishing from the planet. This belief was based on birds being very much a part of my experience when I was growing up as a child and young man but seeming to disappear as the years passed by. However, some years ago as I made a conscious effort to become more human again and I am reconnecting to nature, I once again have become aware of the birds and wildlife all around us. Nowadays, I have many precious moments thanks to Mother Nature. The natural world has come alive again for me.

My conclusion is that I had become so distracted with living my life in a distracted society that I had disconnected myself from nature. Egoic mind had switched into overdrive and survival and security (fear) was ruling my life as it does for most of humanity. I had become unconscious when it came to notice anything that wasn’t geared to my amassing a bigger pile of stuff and achieving the success I needed to impress others and allay all of my false fears. My egoic mind was out of control, I needed to find some balance – some might say I was neglecting my soul, in reality I was failing to balance my ego. For flexarians soul and ego are one and the same, opposite ends and everything in between of the same spectrum. All originating in the left brain and explained away by the self same ego. Egoic mind is impossible to escape from as it is what we are but flexarians know that it is possible to work with the awareness of who we are and with perspective and character mould ourselves and the world into things of beauty. Perspectivism shows that the world is in the eye of the beholder (each of us) and that we construct the apparent reality we experience. If ever lives needed purpose there can be none greater than knowing our thinking and behaviour creates the illusion we call reality. And for us it is reality. It is the only game in town.

The birds were here all along I had just stopped noticing them. They were not included in the reality I had created at that time. A state that I believe is a society affliction that needs to be cured. I wonder what else we become unconscious of when we are distracted in building our little empires in the first half of our lives. I honestly believe that connection is the key, or one of the keys to the peace of mind and serenity that so many of us are searching for. Nature is still here, and we are an integral part of it.

Getting out and rediscovering what we are part of may help with our peace of mind and in the process help us in finding our sacred selves – this is not to say there is a self deep inside but rather that we all need to know ourselves far better than we do now. It is a lifetime task to understand ourselves. All of this can be achieved whilst finding success in the material world, although the striving for more can seem trivial once we start to know ourselves better. It is not a case of either or, we can have both. There is a certain balance to be sought in a life which can be realistically considered successful. Riches are not all about money and stuff. Some of life’s more precious moments are just about being present in the moment to be in awe of the world around us.

We are rarely even aware of our isolation from the planet as the considered “normal” behaviour that systematically separates us from our humanity, producing hollow people. Soul-less Human beings, halfway to becoming the technology we worship with such fervour as our modern false idols. We have lost sight of what we are and what is important.

The human tendency to self-actualise, to become whole eventually demands more than a life full of stuff and gadgets and the desire to reconnect becomes a priority in our lives. Often the call is missed, and the desire mistaken for a need to amass yet more stuff and search for more hedonistic pleasure the next one hopefully being the one that finally makes us happy. The call having been missed and the stuff and hedonism not delivering the peace of mind expected, the cycle goes on. This for many is how life is from birth until death, an endless cycle of hollow suffering continues as our souls remain uncared for. If we are lucky and just a little bit smarter than average, we decide to search elsewhere for some peace of mind and peace of heart. But sadly, it can be readily witnessed that many spend their whole lives with all their material needs fulfilled but still suffering in their distracted and disconnected lives. When all that is needed is to get to know ourselves a hell of a lot better over our lifetime. We live in a world where we are misguided as to what and who we are. Clueless! Get curious and you will be amazed at how “wrong” our worldviews can be and in most cases it serves some other party for it to be so. Profit and power are the motivating forces for our current reality. For me that includes four key personal truths that work in harmony to become better, wiser and more of an asset to the human race –

  1. The Love of (constant) Learning
  2. Ego & The Brain – Awareness – what, how and why?
  3. Continuous Character Development
  4. Understanding Perspectivism As Creating Apparent Reality

There is no authentic self hidden in waiting to liberate us. Reconnection is more about getting to know ourselves and managing our resources, the removal of all obstacles and barriers that bar the way to the natural process of becoming whole. An allowing of our fragmented psyche to align naturally in what has become a very complicated and unnatural world.

A good place to start to reconnect is in nature – spending quality time sensing all things in nature. The key is to be present in the moment. Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and touching – taking time to notice. No technology.

Leave your inner chatterbox at home or at least work to shut it up as much as possible. It gets easier the more you do it. If you talk too much with company, then go alone. This is about our relationship with nature not an opportunity to gossip or put the world to rights.

Finding places to sit and look or close your eyes and listen or feel the breeze caressing your skin or the warmth of the sun on your flesh. Just being present with nowhere to rush off to and no past moments to stress over. This is a precious moment between you and nature. Feel it – value it. I try to be outside with nature at dawn and through sunrise for the whole year. It is worth the early mornings and I have many up close and personal moments with nature because I am there. There is much peace to be found at this time and a thriving natural world abused and neglected by man that still manages to inspire awe and wonder. I have used a picture of a Barn owl with this article as I spend many happy mornings sitting on a log watching them hunting. There were many other possibilities for the starring role. This is on the outskirts of a busy industrial town. Nature is with us; we just must be present.

We live on a beautiful planet and we don’t have to travel far to find nature adapting wonderfully to man’s enforced changes and surviving despite our often selfish and mostly inconsiderate presence on this planet.

I would urge anyone to find their regular place for communing with nature year-round and soak up the riches that such precious moments bestow on any and all lucky enough to be present. The best moments in life are still free. Relaxed reconnection is caring for your self by living in the spirit of progress. And getting to know yourself – warts and all.

More Rebel Than Zen

Adam x

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