Busy Baboons are Happy Baboons

Apparently, if a baboon lives somewhere that provides for all of its needs comfortably and manages to do its baboon things needed to survive in about 3 hours a day – it then has too higher levels of stress hormone due to having too much time on its paws to sit and stare into space worrying about the meaning of life. We then have a stressed, bored, anxious and depressed baboon. Oh dear!

Chilled Demons & Cheeky Heroes

There is a market here for Sony, Apple et al to make baboon technology to distract baboons from an early heart attack. I have seen people so engaged in their tech that they look like baboons only less sociable walking along the street oblivious to any life happening around them. John Lennon said life is what happens when we are busy making plans. I would equally say life is what happens when we have our heads shoved into our tech 24/7. Or more confusingly –  life is what happens when we let our ego’s master our existence.

I am kidding (mostly) but the point here is that we are primates also and like baboons we operate better when gainfully employed and the more creative the better. So just as busy baboons are happy baboons – busy humans are happy humans. Brainless distractions are less than ideal – We feel better (more alive) when doing something that tests us either physically or mentally or both.  And social interaction is of course vital. A stimulating conversation about an idea rather than gossip or small talk hits the spot nicely.

So there we have it – from a flexarian point of view there is a sweet spot to be found for busyness – different for all of us and we all need to experiment to find that ideal state often against the forces of capitalism and the false ideas we have conditioned into our psyches. This is why finding sweet spots is so satisfying and the search is actually going to become part of your sweet spot for life. The search for sweet spots engages us in our lives and an engaged life is a satisfying life.

Adam x

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